There are mutiple ways for companies to advertise their business, products, and services to members of APMA and/or the Canadian automotive parts manufacturing industry. APMA offers a number of different mediums through which companies can advertise or otherwise promote themselves.

Non-members of APMA are welcome to advertise. However, certain opportunities are available to APMA-members only, while APMA members do receive a discount on other opportunities.

Website, Canadian Sourcing Guide, Newsletter

These are three different options you have to advertise, all handled by the same third-party company, Multiview. A link to their media kit can be found below.

  1. You can advertise on our website with banner ads. There are two options for this. Either you can advertise a vertical banner ad down the side of our homepage (or a few select other pages) or a horizontal banner ad across the top of the page. The horizontal banner at the top is actually placed in a frame so that it appears on every page of the site, while the vertical banners only appear on specific pages.Both banner types are placed in a “rotation”, meaning that every time the page is loaded, a new ad is generated. That would only happen if there are multiple companies wishing to place their banner ad in the same space at the same time.For example, if there were 3 companies advertising horizontal banner ads, each ad would have a 33.33% chance of being generated every time a page is loaded. If you refresh the page, a new one is loaded (or it could be the same one). For more information on specific statistics, please contact Multiview directly. Click here for Multiview’s website media kit.
  2. Our eNews Newsletter is a weekly publication we send to a distribution list of over 5,200 email addresses. The newsletter contains news and updates that are relevant to our membership and our industry, such as upcoming APMA events, other industry events and opportunities, and any other newsworthy items from across the global automotive industry. There are several different options for advertising in the newsletter, which a Multiview representative can discuss with you in more detail.Please feel free to review some of our previous newsletters on our newsletter page to get a better understanding of the various advertising possibilities. Click here to view Multiview’s e-newsletter media kit. For more advertising information with Multiview, please contact Sarah Cady at 972 373 2008.
  3. The Canadian Sourcing Guide is an online directory of companies involved in the automotive parts manufacturing sector in Canada. Multiview is working to add more companies by the day. There are numerous advertising opportunities on this site, most of which are banner ads. But there are also “featured companies”, which are paid listings. Click here for Multiview’s Sourcing Guide media kit.

Lead Reach and Connect Magazine

We have an association magazine that is published twice each year. It provides the Canadian automotive industry with current information including key automotive intelligence, relevant industry events, and insights into world class standards for lean manufacturing, product design, innovation, and emerging technologies. The magazine is a full colour, 8.5″x11″ glossy stock publication that is sent by direct mail to over 4,000 people worldwide (mostly in North America). On top of that, the magazine is on display at our office and at any industry events in which we participate. For example, delegates at our events usually receive one with their registration packages.

Please visit the LRC magazine page on our website for more information, including contact information for advertising inquiries. The company that handles publishing and advertising for the magazine is called Matrix Group Publishing.


Sponsorship at events is one more method to advertise to APMA members. We have a number of advertising opportunities for our events, including the Canada-US Automotive Dinner in February, our Annual Conference in June, our Golf Tournament in September, and our Board of Directors Dinner in November. Each of these events and the opportunities available at them are announced on our website and in our newsletter, so please keep an eye on those for more information. Please contact Shaun Cott at APMA for more information or specific examples of past sponsorship opportunities.


APMA hosts a number of webinars throughout the year for its members. The webinars cover subject matter that is of critical importance or interest to the Canadian automotive manufacturing industry. Our webinars are always informative and educational in nature – they are not intended as extended advertising opportunities. However, they can be used to demonstrate how a company’s products/services may provide a solution to a problem that members of the industry are experiencing.

Please note that webinar opportunities are available to APMA members only. If you are interested in hosting a webinar with APMA, please contact APMA to have a preliminary discussion about the webinar. In order to be as efficient as possible, it would be helpful to have proposted dates/times, subject/theme, and speakers ready before that discussion. APMA often requires a minimum of 4-6 weeks to promote the webinar once all details have been finalized, so please keep this in mind when suggesting dates and times to hold your webinar.

If you are a current member and are interested in participating in a webinar with APMA, there are three options available to you:

  1. The co-hosting APMA member hosts the webinar. In this case, the APMA member company would use their own hosting services for the webinar and would handle all registration and other administrative work. APMA would promote the webinar in its newsletter and website at no cost to the member. This is just one of the many benefits of being a member with APMA.
    If you would like APMA to host the webinar on your behalf, there are costs that APMA will incur for licensing, administration, and more. There are two options with respect to offsetting those costs:
  2. APMA hosts the webinar and charges participants a registration fee. APMA will charge a registration fee for all participants who sign up for the webinar. The member that is co-hosting the webinar would not incur any costs. Due to occasional difficulties with respect to prospective participants receiving company approvals on budgets and other expenses, this option often results in fewer attendees registering for the webinar.
  3. APMA hosts the webinar and receives a flat fee from the co-hosting member. Rather than charge a registration fee for all participants, APMA will offer free registration to the webinar. The co-hosting APMA member will pay APMA a flat sum to cover costs of administration, licensing, promotion, and more. In this situation, APMA and the co-hosting member compmany will agree on a minimum number of registrations required in order to justify the expense of this flat sum. If the minimum number of registrations is not reached, APMA will cancel the webinar (at no cost to the co-host) and will provide the contact information of any registrants who signed up. The co-hosting company can then contact those registrations individually.

Following any webinar that APMA hosts, all registered participants (whether they were in attendance or not) will receive an email from APMA with a link to view a video of the webinar online. This link can be shared amongs the colleagues of the attendees or the co-hosting member company may use this link for other promotional purposes.

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