APMA Committees

Representatives from APMA Member companies meet regularly to discuss ongoing issues and challenges they face in their daily operations. The point of the meetings is to help develop and share information and best practices with other industry partners to help ensure consistency of information among members.

Current APMA committees are:

Human Resources

The APMA Human Resources Council is an executive group of senior representatives from member companies responsible for human resources management, organization, people and culture.

The HRC focuses on emerging issues and trends impacting workforce development, labour, upskilling and training, global competitiveness and leadership.

The HRC engages with industry leadership, all levels of government, post-secondary institutions and agencies. It consists of an executive committee of ten members which work through initiatives and action items with the APMA and broader HRC.

For more information, please contact our Vice President of Learning and Development, Lauren Tedesco, ltedesco@klomandev.com.

Institute for Automotive Cybersecurity

The Automotive Parts Manufacturers’ Association and CloudGRC Inc. have launched the APMA Institute of Automotive Cybersecurity (APMAIAC). The COVID19 pandemic has forced companies to adopt remote work initiatives, increasing Cybersecurity risk. According to a recent StatsCan report, the number of Canadian working remotely have increased from 10% of the workforce to 40% post-COVID19.A comprehensive Cyber Governance approach is an integral component of ensuring that the Supply Chain of the Canadian Automotive Sector is secure and critical data assets protected. In addition, Industry 4.0, Manufacturing, SmartCities & Transportation are all areas that need to address, manage, and mitigate Cyber Risk during this new era of Mobility that is transforming our lives.

The APMAIAC has three main objectives

  • To enhance the Cyber skills for the Automotive industry
  • To enable manufacturing organizations to understand their Cyber Risk by carrying out Threat &Risk Assessments
  • To encourage new technologies to secure and protect the Future of MobilityAPMAIAC will be offering complimentary Cyber Assessments to Canadian automotive suppliers. Building on the APMA CyberKit 1.0, launched in November 2019, the APMAIAC will take firms through the various building blocks of Cyber Governance, such as Organization Structure, Policies & Procedures, TARAs, Cybersecurity Awareness, Incident Response and Cyber Insurance.

To get more information about APMAIAC, please visit www.apmaiac.ca

or contact our Chief Technical Officer, Colin Dhillon, cdhillon@klomandev.com

Digital Manufacturing Committee

The Manufacturing Industry is always looking to back their decisions with data. According to research from Forrester, 74% of firms want to be data driven. Just 29 percent, however, know how to turn analytics into action. That’s where Industry 4.0 can make its presence felt. By enhancing connectivity between every part of the supply chain, Industry 4.0 will hasten the transition from a linear structure to one that’s more responsive. Instead of operating independently, everyone along the supply chain can adapt based on customer demand.

The APMA’s Industry 4.0 committee wants to help the Canadian automotive manufacturing sector embrace all relevant aspects of I4.0, from the Internet of Things, Cloud Computing, Additive Manufacturing, Big Data/Analytics, Simulation, Mixed Reality, digital twinning, and Advanced Robots, knowing that Industry 5.0 (Cyber physical cognitive systems) is less than a decade away. Like the APMA’s cyber-security committee, embracing Industry 4.0 will make Canadian automotive suppliers more productive and competitive.

For more information, please contact our Vice President of Innovation, Warren Ali, wali@klomandev.com

Small-Medium Enterprises

The SME Committee is comprised of the most senior executives of APMA, small and medium sized automotive suppliers, classified as having 500 employees or less.  Members participate in quarterly meetings to identify and address strategic issues, share best practices, recommend solutions and promote Canadian SMEs interests / capabilities.

Committee Goals and Desired Outcomes

  • Be the SME ‘voice’ on issues / policy discussions / essentials for success in the industry
  • Recommend potential solutions / direction
  • Document items that may be presented to desired influencers and decision makers (Board, government, other partners, etc.)
  • Provide a regular forum to come together, discuss alignment initiatives, combine collective opinion and stay abreast of issues / developments

For more information, please contact our General Counsel, Gian Paolo Vescio, gvescio@klomandev.com


The Trade Committee of the APMA has provided direct feedback to Global Affairs Canada over the years, and throughout the final stages of the CUSMA ratification. 

Notable members include Magna, Martinrea, Linamar, Windsor Mold Group and Exco Tehcnologies. 

For more information about this committee, please contact Karin Muller, karin.muller@magna.com

Tooling and Automation

The Automotive Parts Manufacturers’ Association is proud to announce the launch of its ‘Tooling & Automation’ Committee.

As we know, Tooling and Automation suppliers play a vital role in Automotive Manufacturing.  Suppliers on the leading edge of technology, armed with the latest and most advanced manufacturing capabilities on the planet are what keep the Canadian Auto sector at the front of the line. 

The APMA’s Tooling & Automation committee wants to ensure our valued members continue to hold their place in the Canadian Automotive Supply Chain, and thrive with the rapid pace of change that our OEM partners continue to embrace and execute.

Committee Goals & Objectives

  • Pronounce Global representation of Canadian Tooling & Automation suppliers – Serving as the leading ‘voice’ for member companies within the worldwide auto supply chain.
  • Enhance over-arching ‘connectivity’ between all ‘Tiers’ both up and down the supply chain.
  • Encourage companies to embrace change and facilitate customer / supplier interaction in advanced manufacturing space.
  • Provide ‘catalyst’ type platform for Tooling & Automation companies to showcase their latest advancements in IOT Technology, Process & Product, and secure our place in Canadian Auto.
  • Accentuate our valued member companies’ ability to become ‘supplier of choice’ through relationship based focus, as we move into the future of ‘building things’.
  • Provide member access and insight to potential government level funding streams that can help enhance Canada’s Tooling & Automation suppliers’ level of excellence.

For information on how to join the committee, please contact Mike Bilton, mbilton@klomandev.com

If and when more issues arise, we can also organize ad hoc committees to address the issues as they come up.

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