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Membership Categories

Regular Member

This membership option is for companies that manufacture in Canada vehicles or parts, modules, systems, components, materials, tools, equipment and supplies; and the provision of services used in the automotive, truck and off-highway products industry.Regular member fees are based on the total dollar volume of sales (from all Canadian operations) of automotive parts, systems, components, materials, tools, equipment and supplies to and the provision of services used in the automotive industry in the calendar year.

For more information on APMA Membership, please email our Member Relations Lead, Austen Swift,

Associate Member

For companies that are not automotive parts manufacturers or suppliers, but are interested in the automotive industry and have sufficient interest in the work being performed by the APMA.

On a calendar year basis, the fee for each Associate Member is as follows:

Annual Sales to the Automotive Industry of under $500,000
Annual Fee: $2,400 + $312 HST = $2,712

Annual Sales to the Automotive Industry of $500,000 or more
Annual Fee: $3,900 + $507 HST = $4,407

Application Form

Garage Member

The APMA Garage – Accelerated Business Development

The APMA’s professional network has been developing and maturing since 1952. Members enjoy access to that network through continued exposure at our events, shared information, and contributions to other activities. Once members are entrenched in this ecosystem, they make full use of the networking opportunities in which they have organically integrated themselves. This process usually takes time and effort.

Before Industry 4.0, before disruptive technologies like additive manufacturing, before C/AVs, the major players in the industry and the technology they used were well defined. Now, change comes rapidly and disruptive technology comes seemingly out of the blue. Through this turmoil, the APMA is in constant consultations with government and industry players who are looking for guidance – providing that guidance is part of our mandate.

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Please Note:
  1. The Annual Membership Fee must accompany all applications for membership
  2. Applicants for membership to APMA must be approved by the respective association’s Board of Directors
  3. APMA’s Board of Directors reserve the right to deny application acceptance to APMA
  4. The first year of membership is valid for 12 months regardless of when you join. The second year will be prorated to cover any remaining months of the year. The third and all subsequent years of membership will run from January to December.

Membership Benefits

The APMA’s mission is to grow and promote a vibrant and globally competitive Canadian automotive supply chain. APMA members are engaged, recognized and act as a central partner in helping to build our country’s economic future.

Benefits for your Company

APMA Member companies can exploit a membership in three primary ways:

  • Advocacy
  • Industry Intelligence
  • Networking


The APMA has a long history of success advocating for the Canadian Automotive Parts Manufacturing sector. We’ve actively contributed to discussions on, NAFTA, TPP/CPTPP, Ontario Bill 148, and others. For a comprehensive list and explanation of our activates, Click here.

Industry Intelligence

Given the number of advocacy files we’ve worked on, our president and C-Suite have accrued a vast wealth of knowledge and insights. From Trade to Connected Vehicles, Industry 4.0 to AI, our team members are often asked to share their insights with organizations and events around the world. As an APMA member, you’re entitled to access these insights at any time. We’re happy to meet with our member companies and work with them to help devise long-term strategies for success in an Industry 4.0 world.


Professional Networking is a critical element of successful business development. APMA and APMA-Partnered events are always well attended by industry professionals and decision makers looking to connect with and learn about industry disruptors and new technology. Our events are often used by federal and provincial politicians as platforms to launch new legislation or just connect with the industry as a whole. Click here to see our complete events calendar.

A summary of important membership highlights include:

  • Membership with APMA is corporate and includes all subsidiaries and employees within the company.
  • Preferential registration rates for all APMA events, seminars, and publications, as well as some 3rd party events
  • Numerous promotional opportunities at events and in publications
  • Direct opportunities to engage in dialogue with governments, industry and related stakeholders.
  • Increased credibility when dealing with OEMs, Tier I / II / III’s and government.
  • Guidance and input from the APMA regarding member application submissions for government funding programs.

Click here to see or download an overview outlining key benefits of APMA membership.

For inquiries about the APMA and/or membership, please contact:

Austen Swift

Member Relations Lead

Benefits for your Employees

An Exclusive Group Benefits Plan for APMA Members

The Automotive Parts Manufacturers’ Association (APMA) has partnered with GroupHEALTH Benefit Solutions to offer its members access to the APMA Group Benefits Plan.

GroupHEALTH Benefit Solutions has extensive experience with associations across Canada. Currently, more than 35,000 employees from almost 600 companies are covered by a GroupHEALTH Association Plan. These companies are taking advantage of best-in-class benefits administration technology, reduced costs and valuable enhancements.

Whether you have just a handful of employees or thousands of them, the APMA Group Benefit Plan can work for you. The APMA Group Benefit Plan:

  • Uses group buying power to secure exclusive products and valuable enhancements from insurers
  • Provides Plan Administrators with access to an easy, online administration system
  • Includes value-adds aimed at controlling rising group benefit costs
  • Is delivered to members by GroupHEALTH’s national network of Advisor Partners, located in communities across Canada
  • Can be customized to suit the needs of organizations large and small

If you’ve ever considered introducing a group benefit plan for your employees, or if you already have a plan and want to find out more about your alternatives, please consider the APMA Group Benefit Plan from GroupHEALTH Benefit Solutions.

For more information contact:

GroupHEALTH, Corporate Benefits Division
Luca Curalli at 647.477.7486 Ext. 116


GroupHEALTH Benefit Solutions at 1-888-719-3077 /

For more information

Letter from APMA President to members

Industry Tracker

The APMA Industry Tracker™ provides industry members with a one-stop location for every piece of automotive data a supplier might require in their day-to-day business, available electronically on their computer, tablet, or smartphone.

What’s Included?

  • Key Sales, Production, and Inventory data for the NAFTA regions by country, platform, OEM, plant, and segment. Information on medium and heavy-duty trucks is also included.
  • Production Tracking Change Reports with year-over-year changes, lagging 3-month and 6-month comparisons, and year-to-date figures.
  • APMA Member Profiles and Capabilities Index, providing company information, product/service offerings and capabilities, and key contact information.

Click below to view sample data and analysis APMA members extract from Industry Tracker™ free of charge:

Data provided by AutoForecast Solutions LLC, a leading provider of global light vehicle/powertrain production forecasting and business intelligence solutions.

How Do I Get Access?

Membership has its privileges.

The APMA Industry Tracker™ is available to APMA members at no cost, and is available to non-members on a subscription basis only. This demonstrates yet another reason to join APMA and take advantage of the many benefits of membership!

For more information on the Tracker™ or to subscribe, Click here.  If you are an APMA member and have already been set up with an account, Click here to log in now.

Regular or Premium?

APMA has now released the Industry Tracker™ Premium Outlook Solution. This provides APMA members with regional and global data at highly competitive pricing for APMA members.

APMA Members – Submit Your Profile

The content of your Strategic Company Profile is displayed in the Industry Tracker™ and made available to potential customers throughout the industry’s supply chain (vehicle assemblers, Tier levels, research organizations and other industry suppliers). APMA also makes this information globally available to Canadian Embassies and Consulates, Federal and Provincial Trade Offices, foreign trade organizations, international associations and at international events APMA is affiliated with to ensure the broadest possible reach.


If you have not yet done so, please Click here to submit your company’s profile information.

For further assistance, please contact Glenda Tedesco via email at or by calling 416-620-4220 ext. 223.

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