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APMA has enlisted the services of Multiview, Inc. to deliver our weekly newsletter.  The newsletter will feature relevant weekly news items – about APMA activities and issues and news affecting the Canadian automotive manufacturing and supply industry – in a newly enhanced format.  The APMA eNews Brief will now arrive on a weekly basis, every Thursday.

If you wish to receive APMA’s eNews, please subscribe to our mailing list by clicking on the Sign Up Now button below. Once approved, you will begin receiving the eNews Brief every Thursday for free.

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Why am I no longer receving eNews from APMA?

Due to firewall restrictions at the recipient level, some previous subscribers may have been removed from the distribution list during the transition to our new eNews service provider.  If you are a previous subscriber of APMA eNews but have not received any of our recent emails, please contact your IT department and have them designate the following domains as “safe” to receive email from:

  • multibriefs.com
  • strongmail.multibriefs.com
  • email.multibriefs.com
  • multiview.com
  • strongmail.multiview.com
  • email.multiview.com

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Can I unsubscribe?

Yes. If you are unhappy with our eNews content and/or no longer wish to receive it, you may remove yourself from our distribution list at any time by clicking the unsubscribe link in the weekly eNews Brief.

We value your feedback. If you have any issues or concerns regarding the content of our eNews, please let us know what you think and how we can improve our communications.

How do I submit content to the weekly APMA eNews brief?

APMA is permitting members of the automotive parts manufacturing industry and its affiliates to submit relevant news and event information to be considered for inclusion in APMA’s weekly e-News Brief.  APMA will review all submitted content and select qualified submissions will be included in a future e-News Brief.  APMA reserves the right to edit or modify content submissions as necessary.

APMA’s e-News Brief is distributed on a weekly basis every Thursday.  To have your news item included, content submissions must be received no later than the Tuesday prior.  In the event of a late submission, your content’s inclusion in the e-news brief may be delayed to the following week or may be discarded completely.

To submit your e-News Brief content, please contact APMA.

How do I advertise in the APMA eNews?

APMA’s new eNews format includes advertising opportunities for interested investors.  You may open any of our newsletters after November 1, 2012 to see the available options and locations to place your advertisement.

APMA members receive an additional discount on advertising.  Yet another benefit of membership with APMA!

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